LendingArch, one of Canada’s most innovative online loan platforms, today announced the waiving of any fees for use of its platform for Canadian’s nationwide in response to the Global COVID-19 pandemic.

“We know during this time, Canadians will need extra help and support, and we are here to bridge that gap for them by recommending the right lender for them, without any fees or costs to utilize our platform.”

 – Paul Hadzoglou, President of LendingArch.

The Global pandemic has gripped the nation and leaves many Canadian’s unprepared financially. With a weakening economy and unemployment on the rise, Canadians may need to take on more debt in order to restructure their financial lives in the short, mid and long term.

“We realize the anguish and frustration this pandemic has caused and realize the things that Canadians will need most at this time, including a loan, a low-interest credit card, help with their debt relief, refinancing of their auto loan or credit management advice. LendingArch is here to help in all aspects to educate Canadians and help them obtain the loan they need during this period of uncertainty. We will be waiving any fees that LendingArch previously would have charged for Canadian customers to utilize our platform, indefinitely, so Canadians can browse and shop for the right loan for them, and not worry about paying LendingArch a penny to do so. This also allows for LendingArch to play its part in aiding our citizens to power through this difficult period, retaining our family culture and obligation to aid society”

– Paul Hadzoglou

Established in 2015, LendingArch is one of Canada’s largest loan comparison platforms, that allows borrowers to compare rates from multiple lenders, comparing credit card rates, car loans, personal loans, small business loans, and even credit rebuilding services. Organizing Canadians based on their individual credit profile and more relevant data points to save them time and money.

As the world turns more towards technology solutions, in order to avoid leaving your home for risk of infection, LendingArch is here to help you obtain a loan, without ever having to step foot in a bank, office building, storefront, loan shop or similar. All loans that you apply for through LendingArch will be processed digitally. Even if you apply for an Auto Loan, that vehicle can be delivered directly to your home in certain provinces.

LendingArch has over 250,000 customers and over 10,000 customers sign up for LendingArch’s services on a monthly basis.

About LendingArch

LendingArch helps you find and compare rates for everything from personal loans, the best credit card offers, home insurance to auto loans and more.

We bring you expert advice and the best tools, so you can make the smartest financial decisions.

Borrowers apply for loans and utilize the proceeds for a variety of reasons.

From personal expenses, debt consolidation, home improvement costs, help with personal growth, wedding loans, car loanscredit cards, and loans for their business; LendingArch continues to grow and is dedicated to bringing financial advancement to consumers and businesses who deserve to grow and flourish, at their rate on their terms.

To find out more about the range of lending solutions, please contact [email protected] 

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